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Both corporate clients and investors can benefit from PRIMA’s in-depth understanding of the financial services. Our industry expertise combined with our highly analytical methodology allows us to uncover fresh insights and devise practical and actionable recommendations in response to their most critical commercial and strategic challenges.

Services provided under this category

Financial Management Assessment and Capability Development Consulting services are designed to assess the financial viability of client firms, recommend constructive corrective action to increase that financial viability, and position firms to sustain short and long-term growth. Our advice helps companies align finance function activities with business strategy, make more informed decisions and stay on top of regulatory requirements.

PRIMA can quickly identify your company’s financial management needs and assess the extent to which they are being met. We can define the information that you should be receiving to manage your company and lay out the best way for financial operations to be handled. We will recommend any changes in systems, staffing, and procedures necessary to deliver the operations and information that you need. These services engage businesses in a three-phase process that includes a financial baseline, gap analysis, and the development of a near-term action plan.

Regulators demand compliance. Banks need competitive advantage. Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing. In this climate, enterprises of all kinds and sizes want robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.

We help our clients balance and meet these challenges by focusing on the core drivers for mitigating and managing financial risk and uncovering opportunity, and deliver services that overcome weaknesses, provide actionable recommendations, and inform decision-makers. We offer the following services to help clients address financial risk:

  • Governance Services
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Capital Planning and Stress Testing
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Liquidity and Funds Management
  • Market Risk
  • Operational Risk

The funding market for organisations has changed fundamentally over the past few years and remains turbulent. Challenging interest rates, along with increased regulatory requirements amean it is therefore key to fully understand the range of options available to you, not simply the highest amount of debt at the most attractive price. Our Fundraising and debt advisory service aims to achieve an optimal and sustainable funding structure to meet your business’ strategic ambitions. Under this advisory direction, we offer following services:

  • Project finance & Infrastructure. We prepare and review feasibility studies, transaction structures and provide financial modelling expertise
  • Credit ratings.We assist with the preparation of debut credit rating and perform shadow ratings according to S&P, Moody’s and Fitch methodologies
  • Debt fund raising.We support in bank negotiations, tender bank loans, review and advise on term sheets, collateral and financing documentation
  • Equity funding. We identify and approach private and institutional investors to secure equity financing for your project or investment

An Enterprise Resource Planning System is the central cog in your business to integrate all planning, goals and strategies. As independent ERP system implementation experts, PRIMA has the agility to work with our clients by implementing a variety of ERP solutions across a range of industries. Our goal is assist our clients with the best solutions available in the market. Our services include:

  • Assessment & Selection
  • Design & Customization
  • Testing & Acceptance
  • Integration & Implementation
  • Data Conversion/Migration
  • Training
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Post-Deployment ERP Support

Financial due diligence is a critical aspect of transaction planning as it can affect the purchase price for a business or even the decision whether to proceed. Our due diligence approach is to provide peace of mind by identifying all the critical factors for which an informed decision can then be made.

Our due diligence services focus on following the most critical transactional elements:

  • Measuring quality of earnings
  • Verifying the existence of assets
  • Identifying hidden costs and contingencies that could result in an excess purchase price
  • Categorizing and quantifying tax exposure
  • Evaluate internal controls and risk management
  • Determining deal-specific risks and opportunity costs

Today’s global environment has elevated the importance of valuations that support financial reporting, tax planning, litigation, and mergers and acquisitions. PRIMA provides banks & asset based lenders, corporate recovery, turnaround & restructuring professionals, debt advisory & private equity firms with a comprehensive solution business and asset valuation. Our services include:

  • Machinery & Business Assets
  • Property & Real Estate
  • IPR & Intangible Assets
  • Enterprise Valuations

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