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Mobile Development


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Roadmap of mobile development for iOS and Android from Prima Consulting is your opportunity to get a sought-after IT profession from scratch. The courses are arranged in an optimal sequence for beginners: from the basics of programming (simple concepts of variables, loops, arrays) to specific courses on developing for mobile devices of different platforms. Choose a standalone course or take the full mobile developer training program.
One of the attributes of a successful business has long been a mobile application that can solve customer problems and significantly increase conversion. This means that the demand for mobile developers, and especially for iOS, will be at a high level and will provide you with jobs for decades to come.
In this direction, you will find a comprehensive training for the profession, where you will learn iOS development from A to Z – from the principles of application operation and the syntax of the Swift language to writing your first own application.
The Prima Consulting Android development program is a good chance to get an in-demand IT profession from scratch. You will master a new area in stages – from the basics of programming (simple concepts of variables, loops, arrays) to highly specialized knowledge of mobile application development.
To do this, you need the Java language, which allows you to implement a number of complex and competent solutions when creating high-quality software. After the course, you can apply for the position of Junior Android developer and receive a salary in the range of $500-700.
Training formulas for obtaining in-demand professions:
1) [ Programming Fundamentals ] + [ Java Pro ] + [ Android Pro ] = Junior Android Developer
2) [ Programming Fundamentals ] + [ iOS Pro ] = Junior iOS Developer
3) [ Frontend ] + [ React Native Basic ] + [ React Native Advanced ] = Junior React Native Developer
After studying the course you will be able to:
Understand the highly specialized features of the iOS platform and its documentation
Understand the technicalities of the Swift language
Write apps for the iPhone and/or iPad and put them on the App Store
Easily introduce third-party technologies into projects
Easily understand someone else’s code: understand and edit it
Manage your time and measure it against your goals
Know and apply Android development principles
Understand the deep features of Android and the documentation for this platform
Understand the principles of application screen layout
Easily understand other people’s code and edit it
Manage your time and measure it against your goals
Write high-quality applications, knowing the full cycle of their creation


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A comprehensive training program from Prima Consulting is the key to a promising career in IT. After training with us, you get high-quality skills and abilities that are in demand by leading IT companies. By investing in education, you are investing in your successful future.

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Copyright by Prima. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Prima. All rights reserved.