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Nowadays human capital is the most essential constituent for success in business. Prima Consulting provides clients with Human Capital solutions. We help to establish, out-source and re-adjust any and every Human Resource function. Our essential service is to help our clients to determine needs, to elaborate an action plan and to help forward changes in order to further the success of the company.

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As time passes, the area of the Human Resource Management is getting complicated. And it is perplexing to keep on track with new policies and legal novations that are constantly being introduced in this sphere. HR Audit and Operational Review service will help to pinpoint possible risks and develop ways to fix the complicated issues.

The provided HR compliance audit and operational review service is distinguished with in-depth review, openness to any enterprise notwithstanding their sizes. Moreover, our clients are provided with the detailed plan of actions necessary to undertake in order to fix the detected problems.

This for sure is that in modern times developing business and enterprises aren’t in danger of stagnation. The concept of development itself implies the action. By the same token, modern time dictates its own pace. So, in times of economic instability, technological advancement, globalization new challenges are inevitable. And if you don’t have strategic planning for your HR, you run the risk of serious talent loss.

Prima Consulting comes with its own approach to the problem. We elaborate special HR strategic planning that meets needs of each of our customer. We offer customized training, guidelines and other resources as well, in order to avoid guessing, mitigate conflicts, and concentrate more on the vital moments of future HR strategy of the organization.

We help our clients to develop effective performance management system that will guarantee the reasonable use of skills, potentials, talents and ambitions of their employees. Certainly, the effective management of performance is central to gaining high performance. The positive repercussions of the effective performance management and motivation strategy are guaranteed and can be seen in a decrease in employee turnover, an increase of productivity - as a strong performance management and motivation strategy are directed towards spreading among employees the feeling of empowerment and of being appreciated; and moreover, it will help to spare some of management time and to define clear expectations from the workers.

We will assist our clients to develop p unique Employee Handbook, that will reflect the needs and specific characteristics of corporate culture of every client. Up-to-date Employee Handbook helps your company to overcome costly employee relations issues and to run business effectively. Mainly, it rises employee morale and definitely boosts the productivity.

Surveys conducted among employees are good means of detecting soft points in organizational management, and, overall, to get acknowledged with the corporate mood, and, accordingly, it opens up new ways to make plethora amount of business decisions based on verified factual information. The last, in its turns, helps enterprises save such valuable assets as time and money, overpassing trial-and-error stage.

Prima Consulting will help you to find qualified employees who will fit in perfectly with your organization, and this initiative will bring its contribution to paving the way to growth and success of your enterprise. To this end, psychological assessments are the best way to develop all processes of Human Resource Management, from hiring the right candidate for a position to detecting drawbacks in knowledge and experience, identifying main training needs and even evaluating trainings and results. The offered test types in that regard are followings: personality test, multi-dimensional emotional intelligence test, multi-dimensional intelligence test, management skills, styles assessment and etc.

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