Non-core asset valuation services for railway company

Non-core asset valuation services for railway companyAs a part of “Privatization of state assets” program in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Railway CJSC (ADY) with the support of the World Bank plans to dispose its non-core assets (hospitals, hotels, sanatoriums, etc.). As most of these assets' accounting value did not reflects its true value, Azerbaijan State Railway CJSC decided to conduct market valuation of its assets and to identify their initial bid value before the disposal/privatization process. Asset valuation is the process of assessing the value of a real property, in particular assets that produce cash flows and commonly performed prior to the sale of an asset.

Key project information

  • Country:


  • Financing/Donor:

    World Bank

  • Client/Project Beneficiary:

    Azerbaijan State Railway CJSC

  • Project Size:

    Small (<$50k)

  • Contractor type:


  • Contract period:

    August 2017 - December 2017 (ongoing)

Assignments delivered by Prima

  • Valuation of around 200 non-core assets of the clients based on International Valuations Standards and local laws and regulations;
  • Deliver the comprehensive report on non-core assets based on valuation;
  • Develop the recommendations on best options for the disposal of valuated assets per each asset class.

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