Judicial Sector Expenditure and Efficiency Review

Judicial Sector Expenditure and Efficiency ReviewJustice Sector reformation remains one of the top priorities of Azerbaijan, which started to re-orient its legal and judicial institutions in the early 2000s. The initial reforms continued with restructuring of the judicial system and establishment of a new three-tier judicial system. In 2011, a system of administrative justice has been launched for the first time in the history of the country.

The objective of the assignment is to prepare a high-quality and timely Sector Expenditure and Efficiency Review (SEER) to provide an evidence base to the country’s justice sector leadership and other stakeholders to improve the access to and delivery of justice services through improved management of sector resources.

The project is intended to inform dialogue between justice entities and other entities such as the Ministry of Finance, as well as with other stakeholders such as academia, civil society and Azerbaijan’s development partners.

The SEER will focus on the justice sector and its training entities, including the courts, and the Ministry of Justice (and its constituent elements such as bailiffs).

Key project information

  • Country:


  • Financing/Donor:

    World Bank

  • Client/Project Beneficiary:

    The Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan

  • Project Size:

    Medium (<$250k)

  • Contractor type:


  • Contract period:

    January 2018 - June 2019 (ongoing)

Assignments delivered by Prima

  • Complete updated Justice At A Glance scorecard for Azerbaijan using 2016 or 2017 data
  • The first draft of the SEER (in Azeri and English languages)
  • Final version of SEER
  • Final version of PowerPoint presentation on the SEER in English and Azeri languages
  • Final version of dissemination materials (web blogs, a 1-page summary and a 2-page summary (each in Azeri and English languages)

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