Psychometric tests for heavy construction vehicle/equipment operators and drivers

Psychometric tests for heavy construction vehicle/equipment operators and driversThe purpose of the project was to develop a pool of psychometric tests for the psychological assessment of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits of the employees (vehicle/equipment operators and drivers) of the local company. Psychometric tests aim at measuring a specific psychological construct, such as cognitive ability or personality. In recruitment procedures setting, psychometric tests provide the crucial insight into candidates potential, providing a meaningful and highly valid prediction of that candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics of good job performance. Since the controlling construction vehicles and equipment requires high relevant physiological readiness, including sense of measurement and concentration, the client assigned Prima to deliver relevant pool of psychometric tests.

Key project information

  • Country:


  • Financing/Donor:

    The client

  • Client/Project Beneficiary:

    Leading local construction company

  • Project Size:

    Small (<$50k)

  • Contractor type:

    Solo contractor

  • Contract period:

    February 2016 - May 2016

Assignments delivered by Prima

  • Psychometric assessment tests pool that included abstract, numerical, verbal, mechanical, and personality sections was developed;
  • For the computer-based assessment the application was developed for client and user training was provided.

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