Consultant, Labor Market & Public Policy, Public Sector Development
Khadija H. NASIROVA Khadija H. Nasirova has 10 years’ experience in managing development projects for government and private sectors. She has a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies & International Relations and her first master from the Azerbaijan University of Languages. After graduating with honors, she worked for World Bank projects under the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan. She has firsthand knowledge and training on ministerial and bureaucratic process of different planning commission and ministries in Azerbaijan. Under her supervision the judicial court system of Azerbaijan was integrated into a unified web portal system. She has organizational and personal leadership skills that she attained gradually through extensive client and delegation engagement experience. She was the team lead for the foreign experts in majority of projects.

During her tenure at Ministry of Justice she was offered prestigious Lee Foundation Scholarship to pursue her second Masters at National University of Singapore. The Master in Public Policy program gave her firsthand working knowledge of data-driven policy analysis, leadership and management, and statistical analysis among others. She has done original quantitative research using STATA on multiple areas such as: effect of campaign finance on US election outcome, effect of public spending on the utilization of maternal and child health services in the Philippines, etc. In summer of 2015 she interned at Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) in Manila, Philippines and researched on “Migration and Sustainable Development Goals”. Through her research she helped to identify international practices on migration and human rights within the region.

After graduation, she was consultant and core research member for the Reforms Delivery Unit at the Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan. She investigated to identify policy gaps, challenges in policy development and increase efficiency in the process.

She is fluent in English, Russian, and Turkish and knows basic French and German. She is passionate about human rights, environment, gender issues and has actively been involved in leadership roles of multiple philanthropic and advocacy organization such as: UN Women, Bridging Gap, AJPA, Equals etc. She has work experience ranging from Azerbaijan, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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