Public Sector Development

We are committed to promoting economic development and poverty reduction in the region. Our solutions build capacity of national and local institutions to deliver quality service.

Services provided under this category

Agriculture and Rural Development

Today, agriculture and rural development are far from playing a passive, supporting role in the process of economic development. The agricultural sector in particular and the rural economy in general play an indispensable part in any overall strategy of economic progress, especially for the low-income developing countries. Prima offers consulting services to provide solutions to a variety of development needs in this direction by engaging its team of experts with professional knowledge in diverse expertise:

  • Sector Analysis, Policy and Strategy
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Agribusiness and value chain development
  • Food safety and food security
  • Forestry and fisheries
  • Institutional development and capacity building
  • Water for agriculture and irrigation systems
  • Land use planning and administration

Monitoring and Evaluation

Justice and Law

Ecomomic Development

Environment and Climate Change

Technical Vocational Education and Training

Tourism & Hospitality